The Ultimate Guide To Ordering A Custom Tartan Kilt
The Ultimate Guide To Ordering A Custom Tartan Kilt
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A tartan kilt is an enduring and traditional article of clothing with deep roots in Scottish culture. It can be a little intimidating to purchase a custom tartan kilt with so many unique tartans to pick from and different styles and embellishments to take into account. But getting a custom tartan kilt can be a pleasurable and rewarding career with specific guidance and planning. We will describe the steps you must take in this comprehensive guide to make sure your customized tartan kilt fits you well.

Choose Your Tartan;

Selecting the tartan from which you want your best custom kilt to be constructed is the first step in the ordering process. There are countless tartans to pick from, each with a distinctive pattern and background. The Black Watch, MacLeod of Lewis, and Royal Stewart are a few well-known tartans. Consider the event and your personal taste when selecting a tartan for your kilt. For instance, you might select a tartan with a traditional pattern for a formal event or a tartan with a more contemporary pattern for a casual one. A tartan connected to your ancestry or a specific area of Scotland is another option.

Measure Your Waist and Hips;

To make sure your kilt fits you precisely after selecting your tartan, you must take measurements. Your waist and hip dimensions are the most essential. Wrap a ruler to measure around your waist at the usual waistline to get your waist measurement. Make sure the tape is comfortable but not too tight. Wrap the measuring tape across your hips at their fullest point, being careful to make it snug but not too tight.

Choose the Kilt Style;

The very next step is to decide the kilt style you desire. The classic kilt, the stylish kilt, and the utility kilt are just a few of the several kilt types available. The most conventional style of the kilt is the classic one, which is generally worn at major occasions like weddings and formal meals. The more relaxed pattern of the custom kilt is ideal for daily wear. The utility kilt is a practical kilt that is made of a sturdy fabric and intended for outdoor activities.

Choose Your Kilt Accessories;

After deciding on the style of your kilt, you must decide on the accessories you want to pair with it. Custom kilt hose, kilt shoes, and a kilt pin are examples of fashionable accouterments. To hold the folds in place, a kilt pin is an ornamental pin worn in the front of the kilt. Kilt hose, often known as knee-high socks for kilts, are available in a range of hues and patterns. Kilt shoes are a particular style of dress shoe made specifically to go with kilts.

Order Your Custom Tartan Kilt;

You are ready to buy your custom tartan kilt after you have selected your tartan, checked your measurements, selected your kilt style, and decided on the kilt accessories. Countless retailers offer kilts for purchase, both offline and online. When placing an order, be careful to tell the custom kilt maker your sizes, the tartan you’ve picked, and any other suggestions.


Finally, getting custom tartan kilts is a special and intimate experience that enables you to express your love for Scottish heritage and culture. You can make sure your kilt is built to your exacting standards and fits you perfectly by following these steps. A personalized tartan kilt is a classic item of clothing that will offer happiness and pride for many decades, whether you order one for a particular occasion, for regular use, or as a family heritage. Decide on your tartan, measure yourself, pick your style, add some accessories, and get your own tartan kilt right now.

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