Frequently Asked Questions

Sporranandmore deals in a Scottish Culture lover custom made Scottish Sporrans made of leather or fur with a leather flap, front, and three tassels or more. 

No, not all the Sporrans come with tassels, some of the sporrans might have 3 or 5 tassels whereas most sporrans have none at all.

Sporranandmore deals according to their customer’s need and choice. Our purpose is to corporate with our customer in the time of making and customizing their favourite sporran and try to help them more and more.

Sporranandmore’s Sporrans are easy to wear. It can typically be worn on the front of the body approximately 3 or 4 inches from the top of the kilt. Placing the sporran at the back of the body and fasten the buckle in front of you. Swing the Sporran around, resting on your abdomen. All of the Sporrans are fashioned by a chain or strap that extends through the loops at the back of the kilt to join at the back.

When you aren’t using your sporran pack the sporran gently and lightly and remove the tassels from the sporran.

The shipping cost of Sporrans for each country is different depending on weight. We use the carrier mode for heavier shipments. Moreover, Sporranandmore ship internationally.

Once your order is confirmed an email is automatically sent to you. We also provide tracking information about the order. And if you haven’t received an email, please reach out to us immediately.

You can have the chance to buy those products, once it features on the website. Usually, the products that went out of stock, still appear on the website, come back in stock in a few days.

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards. Additionally, we accept PayPal online.

We normally ship the order within 8-10 business days.