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Top Ten Most Popular Scottish Tartan Kilts in 2022
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1. Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt

This is the most adorable and priceless kilt for different festivals like bands. The royal tartan kilts will also benefit the local community by providing an attractive look that might have a significant influence. The Royal Stewart TARTAN kilt is crafted by utilizing different types of material including Viscose and acrylic wool to give a soft touch. In addition, this stuff is the most lightweight, and traditional in design, and an 8-YARDS kilt makes your life lavish. You will feel light, comfortable, soft, and stylish by wearing this Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt. And this kilt comes with adjustable straps that help to get proper fitting around your waist. So, don’t miss this Royal Kilt History.

2. Black Watch Tartan Kilt

A Black Watch Tartan Kilt is the perfect collection for all those who want to wear softer, silky, and beautiful costumes. Furthermore, this black kilt is designed with acrylic wool which is breathable & the best in quality. Moreover, the Black Watch Tartan Kilt is available in a variety of colors, including black, green, and adjustable leather straps for a classic style. Besides this, watch Tartan kilt pleats offer both comfort & different styles. This traditional kilt is wearable on many occasions day & night. This Black Tartan kilt will change your physical appearance if you wear it with tops or shirts. Let’s try it to get attractive styles. 

3. Mackenzie Tartan Kilt

Mackenzie Tartan Kilt is completely different in look. In addition, the black, green, white and red colors used to draft lines & square boxes. Its style is unique. You can wear this Mackenzie Tartan Kilt as a band group member, dancer, and even in the gym for workout purposes. This kilt comes with a couple of straps manufactured with genuine leather. And the best thing is you can adjust them according to your waist size. And this kilt is completely fabricated with acrylic wool that is not heavy but breathable. Let’s buy it, wear it and make your day beautiful. 

4. Pride of Scotland Tartan Kilt

The pride of Scotland Tartan Kilt has huge demand in the market cause the best Scotland kilt is created with top-class wool material. Its design is traditional. Additionally, this kilt is easy to wash at home, which means don’t waste your time and money at the laundry shop. When you wear this pride Scotland tartan kilt you will feel the pride to be stylish, and unique in look. Moreover, its strong straps are easy to adjust. You can wear this kilt at sports events, dance competitions, and it will be a great choice for bands.

5. Heritage of Ireland Tartan Kilt

The Heritage of Ireland Tartan Kilt is hugely famous & picked up from Scottish tartans. In addition, this kilt is outstanding in quality but cheap in price. Its traditional design makes it a better choice to wear at traditional events like cultural and sports occasions. This is lightweight, charming, and sports to get a lighter feel all day. Its leather straps help to adjust according to your waist size & fitting. Heritage of Ireland Tartan Kilt made with acrylic wool. This material is best & delivers a warm zone in the cold season. We will suggest that don’t miss it because now, it is available at a low price.

6. Ancient Hunter Tartan Kilt

The Ancient Hunter tartan Kilt is fantastic in design, color, and style. This kilt is designed with 100% pure wool and viscose material. Besides this, a fringe and few pleats are created deeply at back separately sewn to make sure it will look excellent when you are busy performing a dance or any other activity. Moreover, several leather straps are styled that offer a very elegant style to attract people. Plus, you must know that the ancient hunter kilt is the best collection for hunting to look like a professional hunter. Let’s choose this kilt to get both style and uniqueness.

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7. Scottish National Tartan Kilt

The Kilt is a National Outfit of Scotland where Scottish National Tartan Kilt is picked from the popular Scottish Tartans in the world. The Scottish National Tartan Kilt is specially made from a wide range of Tartans available for you that offers a high quality garment at an affordable price but with no compromise on the quality. Scottish National Tartan Kilt is multi-functional and ideal for any formal or informal occasion that is with Acrylic Wool Tartan and is lighter & easy to maintain than the traditional kilts. So you can even clean and wash it at home and it doesn’t require any heavy costs of laundry and dry cleaning.

8. Scottish Traditional Gordon Kilt

The Scottish Traditional Gordon Kilt picks up from the most beautiful & well-known Scottish collection. Because they are very famous all over the world due to design & material. This Scottish Traditional Kilt produces by utilizing acrylic wool and consists of 8-yards. Additionally, three colors such as deep black, blue, and green give a creative look to this kilt. You can wear a Scottish Traditional kilt in casual and also sports events like Football and baseball. The fantastic thing about this kilt is that you can wash them at home, no need for laundry.  

9. Scottish Dress Gordon Tartan Kilt

The Scottish community love to wear different types of kilts at different occasions. Therefore we produce a special Scottish dress Gordon tartan kilt for you. The Scottish Dress Gordon Tartan kilt styled with a wonderful bag, and adjustable ballet. This is a customized kilt in lining, and features. Additionally, this custom tartan kilt is an excellent choice to wear for hunting, fishing, and mountaineering purposes. It’s all colors are bright like sunshine. So, guys let’s try something different to enhance your beauty in no time.

10. County Cork Tartan Kilt

The County Cork Tartan Kilt has 100% clean Scottish wool that is built in Scotland. It has strips of green and yellow color arranged in horizontal and vertical lines. There are medium red lines as well as blue thick lines while yellow lines are thinner. It has proper fitting around the waist. It looks attractive, stylish, and comfortable to wear. we can wear it in the winter season and also wear it in the summer season. We offer this county cork tartan kilt for you to provide remarkable quality at affordable prices to meet your needs regarding fashion and style.   

Kilts FAQs

What is the most popular tartan in Scotland?

1. Royal Stewart. Arguably Scotland’s most famous tartan, Royal Stewart comes from the royal house of Stewart.

What is the most famous Scottish clan?

Clan Mackenzie

Clan Mackenzie – “MacCoinnich” in Gaelic – is one of the most well-known clans in Scotland. Their home range included the Isle of Lewis as well as large swathes of Western and Easter Ross. For many years, the beautiful Eileen Donan Castle was the seat of the Mackenzie clan

Who can wear the Black Watch tartan?

Black Watch is one of the most recognisable tartans, not just in Scotland but all over the world. It’s a Government Tartan which means that anyone, from any family, can wear the tartanBlack Watch is one of the most recognisable tartans, not just in Scotland but all over the world. It’s a Government Tartan which means that anyone, from any family, can wear the tartan.

What are colors in Mackenzie tartan?

The Mackenzie tartan colors are dark green, navy blue, black, red and white. The modern, shown on this page, is the main tartan for the Clan.

What colors are in Pride of Scotland tartan?

The original Modern Pride of Scotland tartan was designed to reflect the ‘Pride’ within the heart of the nation. The colors are indicative of all things Scottish. The blue and white represent the saltire – our national flag, the green and purple the splendor of our hills and glens.

What is the tartan for County Cork?

Each of the 32 counties in Ireland are represented by their own unique tartan. County Cork is part of the Munster Province in Ireland. The County Cork Tartan is Made in Scotland of 100% Pure Scottish Wool and can be woven into the following items: Traditional Kilt- Custom made to your measurement.

What is the tartan for Clan Gordon?

Clan Gordon tartan has multiple variations, and with its black, blue and green color scheme, is similar to a Black Watch tartan, except with the addition of a yellow stripe. The Red Gordon tartan is a fetching variation on the original Gordon tartan and is sometimes called ‘Huntly’

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